What is creative therapy? It is an introspective enquiry that takes place in the form of a dialogue between client and therapist. This dialogue can be verbal as well as explored through the creative media.
In response to updates on Government guidelines regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), all therapy sessions take place online.


You can rely on a confidential, non-judgmental and non-stigmatising space to explore feelings and emotions at your own pace. As well as working creatively, you can have the space to talk through and reflect upon whatever emerges in the session.
Clients come to me for a variety of reasons, including:
  • gender identity and sexual orientation
  • oppression
  • anxiety and depression
  • mental health
  • bereavement and loss
  • relationship diversity
  • divorce and separation
  • work/school-related issues
  • wrong choices
  • processing trauma
  • communication difficulties
Why the arts in therapy? In my personal journey I find using creativity to be helpful in accessing parts of myself that have often been too painful to acknowledge cognitively. Working with the arts can offer a useful way to bridge the world of the unconscious and its symbols along with potential meaning. It can help us to make sense of how to untangle problems and feelings of being blocked or stuck. Engaging creatively often means taking distance from the problem to be able to reflect on it from a different angle.
Often arts therapies have the reputation to be for people who are creative, for people that 'know-how' to make art. I hope to de-mystify this so you can think about whether it is what you are looking for. I believe that creativity is universal, in the sense that it is available to every human being should you choose to make use of it.
The first session (also known as assessment session) is an initial meeting where we both take time to understand if we can work with each other. I hope our initial meeting will allow you to talk freely about what brought you to me, along with any goals you may wish to achieve. You will gain an idea about the way I work, you can check if you are comfortable with me and my approach and ask me anything that you need to know. I will take the time to explain my policy on confidentiality, fees and cancellations. I can hold sessions both in English or Italian.
Individual sessions are 50 minutes and my fee is £60 per session
The assessment session usually lasts 100 minutes and my fee is £100
I currently don't have any concessionary places left - please check in with me if you wish to be directed to other services/professionals who may have spaces for low income or unemployed clients.

‘Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there.' 
― Rumi